mene dining table


Dimensions: L 72” x W 42” x H 29”

Materials: black walnut, steel joinery components

Through its fluid, bent wood form, the Mene table evokes a feeling of lightness and stability at the same time. The transition into a hidden shelf below is what gives the table its name, the greek root of the word meniscus - tying together a balance of forces in tension and compression. The resulting form combines ergonomic comfort with an intuitive understanding of innate load patterns and stress distribution. Seasonal movement of the wood was also accounted for through hidden joinery elements that allow for a specific degree of compliance. It is made entirely out of black walnut, a locally grown material, which best complements the aesthetic and tectonic expression of its structure.

The joinery design also allows for the entire table to be flat-packed, easily assembled and disassembled.

1st place 2017 American Furniture Society emerging artist award

Delivery time is 5 to 6 weeks.

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